Crossed Sabers Chapter

21 September 2022

There are lots of changes happening in the First Team.  New units, restructuring, and making the First Team the most lethal Division in the U.S. Army; and some of that will be on display during CAV Week and will be discussed on the Division’s social media pages and on other types of media.

The Chapter will be participating in the CAV 101 Parade marking the Division’s 101 Birthday on September 16th which ends the CAV Week.  We are looking forward to a large crowd of Troopers from the local area and some from places far away to help celebrate the Division’s Birthday and spend time with the active-duty Troopers of the First Team.

We haven’t had a Stable Call recently but are setting a goal for a Chapter Stable Call on Thursday, September 29th at 1800 hours at the Horse Cavalry Detachment barn. Snacks and drinks will be provided. See you there.  First Team! Chapter President, Dennis Webster.




5 May 2022

Memorial Day is coming up and honoring those who served and are no longer with us is one of most satisfying things we can do.  The Long Roll Muster at our Annual Reunion is always a special time for me and I remember COL Joseph W. McNaney reading the Vietnam War portion from past reunions.  There were others, but Doc always read it with feeling.  Please plan on attending the Reunion this year in Dayton, Ohio and consider volunteering to assist the Association with registration, unit and war lunches, and the Memorial Service. Contact Dara at the Association and volunteer to assist. First Team! Dennis Webster, President.



3 March 2022









Photo Caption:  PVT Reese Myers, Co. A, 1-5th CAV, receives her Division Patch on 23 February 2022.  Newly assigned Troopers are “Patched” by their leadership after going through orientation with Pegasus Troop for 8 days. 


The Chapter is getting set up for a meeting that will be held around the time that you receive this issue of SABER.  Since the pandemic is slowing down and restrictions on activities are lessening, we hope to have our monthly Stable Calls and will try to move them around to different locations in the Central Texas area.

All Life members of the 1st Cavalry Division Association that live in the Central Texas area are automatically members of the Crossed Sabers Chapter.  This includes all the active-duty Troopers that are stationed at Fort Hood that are Association members.  I have been attending weekly briefings of newly arrived Troopers and explaining the benefits of membership in the Association and really appreciate the opportunity that is provided to me by the Division Command.  We are starting to see fruit as membership is growing and we are seeing more customers in the Souvenir Shop now located in the Association Headquarters in Copperas Cove.

We hope to see many of you at the Reunion in Dayton, Ohio in July.  First Team! Dennis Webster, President





January 10, 2022







New members of the 1st Cavalry Division attending a briefing in the Ironhorse Chapel December 2021.


Happy New Year to everyone from the members of the Crossed Sabers Chapter.  I have been regularly attending the Division’s Newcomer orientations and briefing all new Cav Troopers about membership in the 1st Cavalry Division Association.  There are some perks to being an old guy that isn’t on anybody’s payroll and spending time with CAV Troopers is one of them.

The Chapter had several members assisting with the preparation of wreaths and placing wreaths at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery last month and will be involved in the retrieval of the wreaths on the first Saturday of January.

We will have one of out two meetings of the Chapter on the 24th of March and it will be held at the VFW in Killeen beginning at 1800 hours.  This is a business meeting that will be held to conduct Chapter business and plan for events throughout the rest of this year.







The members of the Chapter have survived the winter storm that hit Texas.  Many of our members lost power, had frozen pipes, and some went without water or experienced boil notices.  Many of you that live in northern climates and experience frigid temperatures and lots of heavy snow and ice storms are probably wondering what all the fuss is about a one-week cold storm, but for those of us who live in the southern states it is not a normal experience.  Our houses aren’t built for cold weather, they are built to withstand heat.  Our road departments do not have snowplows or salt because it isn’t cost effective.  While many of us are transplants and have lived in northern climates we are not as hardened to the climate as we once were.

We have had no Chapter activities in the past two months but will have some in the weeks and months to come.  We are looking forward to a great 1st Cavalry Division Association Reunion to be held at Fort Hood/Killeen in September and hope that you join us in a much warmer Texas.  First Team!  Dennis Webster, President  Photo Caption: Harsh weather conditions in Texas.


Crossed Sabers Souvenir Shop Board meeting is the 4th Tuesday of the month except for December, 11:30 at 1st Cavalry Division Association Headquarters, 302 N Main St, Copperas Cove TX.  Open to everyone.  General Membership meeting is 3rd Wednesday of March and September at 6pm, place TBD.  For more information watch our Facebook page 1st Cavalry Division Association Crossed Saber Chapter.