NATO Allies and Partners
Kick Off Getica Saber 17

NATO Allies and Partners kick off Getica Saber 17

By Sgt. Justin Geiger


CINCU, Romania- NATO Allies and partners stood shoulder-to-shoulder to initiate the multinational training exercise Getica Saber 17 during the official opening ceremony at Joint National Training Center in Cincu, Romania, July 7, 2017.

Getica Saber 17‭ is a Fire Support Coordination Exercise and a Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise, which will include the massing of Soldiers, equipment and capabilities from 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division; 1st Cavalry Division (Division Artillery); Romanian 2nd Infantry Division, 282nd Infantry Mechanized Brigade; Romanian 8th LAROM Brigade and other military assets from Armenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Ukraine. ‬

During the U.S.-led FSCX and CALFEX, that incorporates six Allied and partner nations and is comprised of more than 4,000 Soldiers, each nation will execute a full range of military missions to support NATO’s operations.

The multinational training exercise promotes regional stability and security while strengthening partner capabilities and fostering trust. During Getica Saber 17, the multinational force will demonstrate their superior joint and combined assets and highlight the collective commitment to deter aggression in the Black Sea region.

The combined training opportunities that Getica Saber 17 provides greatly increase interoperability among participating NATO Allies and partners on multiple echelons. Developing combined standard operating procedures on a variety of different platforms continues to improve combat readiness for each nation as a collective force.

“A multinational exercise, no matter the type or level, is a good opportunity to share experiences, improve [combined] standard operating procedures and mutual understanding,” said Romanian Army Brig. Gen. Gheorghe Visan, 2nd ID, 282nd Inf. Mech. Bde. “At the same time, this exercise enables us to build multinational, regional, combined and partnership capabilities.”

During the ceremony, the playing of each nation’s national anthem, while simultaneously raising its nation’s flag, signified that no nation can confront today’s challenges alone. A strong military alliance can deter real or potential threats.

“During this exercise, we, together as a team, have to demonstrate that our forces are able to combine arms and demonstrate a credible deterrent and defeating capability,” Visan expressed to the multinational formation.

Getica Saber 17 is scheduled to take place from July 7-16, 2017, at the Romanian Joint National Training Center in Cincu that culminates with a CALFEX for distinguished visitors. Getica Saber runs concurrent with Saber Guardian, a U.S. Army Europe-led, multinational exercise that spans across Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania with more than 25,000 service members from 22 Allied and partner nations.